Create success with the people that matter most.

Behind every successful family enterprise is the unity, purpose, and passion of its members. Project We helps identify and highlight your family's primary ambitions, fostering mutual understanding and collaboration while emphasizing each member's role and the collective impact on the enterprise.

Three critical communication capabilities are necessary for building a leadership culture - taken together they form the Cycle of Leadership.

Learn essential tools for family communication.

We know the strongest family bonds come from open, genuine conversations. Project We brings unique tools and experiences that create better communication, building trust and deeper connections. Because when families communicate well, they work well together.

Human beings operate in the domains of intellect, body, and emotion - sustainable high performance requires keen awareness of each of these forces and their interactions.

Strengthen the bonds that bring you closer.

When it comes to family enterprises, Project We embraces two core ideas: Unity, where family members move forward with shared purpose, and Synchronization, where everyone's dreams blend seamlessly to help families exceed ambitions and create remarkable legacies.

Project We enables open conversations and practical guidance to unlock ambition and synergy.

Unlock ambition.

What happens when each family member embraces their unique role in the family enterprise? You unlock ambition, accountability, and purpose-driven problem-solving that all but ensures the enterprise's success.

This is how our framework works: with each step, learning creates elevation, ultimately establishing a high-performance culture inside you family enterprise.

See a new horizon.
Get there together.

Project We challanges conventional thinking, inspiring family members to reimagine a future full of opportunities. Together we create a trailhead for trailblazing, empowering every family member to amplify their unique expertise, to serve their dreams and each others.


ProjectWe has made a huge impact on my life. The stuff you teach and the experiences you create are life-changing. I am a better father, husband, business professional, and overall person because of what I have learned from you.

Sales Representative

Working with ProjectWe has created tremendous value to our family, personally and professionally. Thank you for making our lives better, and richer in every sense of the word.

President and 2nd Generation Business Owner

This is one of the most impactful programs we’ve ever done – and we’ve done them all. It touches on all of the elements of wellbeing at once.

Manager, Employee Wellbeing

Those 2 days with ProjectWe were life-changing. It helped me get clear on what was true for me and gave me tools to take action. I am already a more effective leader and owner.

President & Owner

Lift your family up.